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Election Integrity

The right to vote in a free and fair election is the most basic civil right, one on which many of the other rights of the American people depend.

In the freest nation in the world, our system of government and our very liberty depends on free and fair elections. Whether they’re selecting a mayor or the president of the United States, every American must be able to trust the process, or the democratic system itself breaks down. When someone commits voter fraud, the process is no longer fair, everyone’s vote gets diluted, and in some cases, election results are changed. Contrary to the claims of many on the left, voter fraud is a very real problem. As the Supreme Court noted when it upheld Indiana’s voter ID law, flagrant examples of voter fraud have been documented throughout this nation’s history.

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Fraudsters can steal votes and change election outcomes in several ways, including:

  • Voting in someone else’s name.
  • Registering in multiple locations to vote multiple times in the same election.
  • Voting even though they’re not eligible because they’re felons or noncitizens.
  • Or paying or intimidating people to vote for certain candidates.

Unfortunately, many on the left are attempting to make election fraud easier by fighting laws that require an ID to vote. They’ve pushed to get noncitizens and jailed inmates to vote. And they’ve sued states that have tried to purge their voter rolls of people registered in multiple states.

How can we fix the problem?

Since states control much of the electoral process, they must pass laws requiring government-issued IDs to vote. That ensures people aren’t stealing others’ identities and their right to vote.

In order to pass those laws, the first step is to HOLD on to the Republican majority of the Minnesota Senate, win back the majority of the Minnesota House and eventually make Governor Walz a one-term governor. 

Democrats are trying to steal the election from Republicans using mail-in ballots and they are on a mission to transform and upend the Minnesota we know, love, and will fight to preserve.

Democrats like Secretary of State Steve Simon, Attorney General Keith Ellison along with Radical Socialist Congresswoman Ilhan Omar are suing for “ballot harvesting” laws in Minnesota like they have in California to rig the elections and obstruct your voice. We all know that those laws create chaos, open doors for voter fraud, and bolster radical socialist liberal candidates.

But Democrats are pushing for them harder and harder because they want to CHANGE the Minnesota we love.

If we don't protect the Republican majority in Minnesota Senate, Democrats will make the Minnesota you love, another California.