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Danger of Socialism

perilous possibility now confronts us—the conversion of America, the leading capitalist nation in the world, into a socialist state.

You might think it is impossible. But NO, the danger is in front of all of us. It is very close to home.

The radical socialist Congresswoman from Minneapolis 5th Congressional District, Ilhan Omar, a member of SQUAD, is proposing Free College, Free Housing, Free healthcare for Illegal Aliens using tax-payers dollars and Open Borders.

Do you think she is alone? If you think so, you are WRONG.

Her policies are endorsed by self-proclaimed socialist Senator Bernie Sanders and a democrat socialist Congresswoman from failed New York's Bronx & Queens, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC). 

But this is just the start of the list. In our own state, our very OWN Attorney General Keith Ellison, Governor Tim Walz, Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan, and U.S. Senator Tina Smith endorsed Ilhan Omar. 

The national polls continue to show that a large majority of millennials have a favorable view of socialism. A near majority favor the “compassion” of socialism over capitalism which, they argue, is indifferent to the needs of the people, especially those on the bottom rung of the economic ladder.


What needs to be done?

We must educate the rising generation about the true costs of socialism, and not just in dollars and cents. Would a majority of millennials choose socialism if, in exchange for “free” education and “free” health care, they would have to give up their personal property such as their iPhone and their iPad? This is not simply a possibility--the abolition of private property is the first dictum of socialism.

In order to keep socialism at bay in your beloved state of Minnesota, help Minnesota Young Republicans Victory Fund to fight to PROTECT the Republican majority in Minnesota Senate.